Author Topic: Need help to stop co sleeping and night breastfeeding 15 month old  (Read 565 times)

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Really hoping someone can help me!  I fell into many bad habits with our son Max as he had silent reflux so never had the confidence to be a little stricter with him.  If he wanted to feed I worried he might be uncomfortable so did.  Also we have a 3.5yr old daughter Maria who I didn't want to wake & hubby working long hours I didn't want to wake at night.  Our routine is now Max goes to bed around 7.30pm after bath & stories, breastfeed and then put him in cot and sing / gradual retreat a little / give in &rub back etc if he gets upset.  He does cry but not terribly and singing settles him.  I pop out to tidy etc and go back when he cries and then when settled I carry on with jobs & pop back if he cries til he drops off.   Somewhere between 11pm & midnight he wakes & wants feeding - I feed & try to get him back in his cot with varying success but by 1am every night I give in and lay down with him and he feeds on and off through night. This was more like by 3am id give in but as I've got more and more tired I've got weaker!  I'm exhausted, back aches etc. I'd like to stop night feeds and co sleeping.  we tried my husband going in but he goes crazy.  We did make progress but husband then had busy time at work and I felt bad him getting up - and then back to square 1 with me going I and breastfeeding.  I don't like cry it out.  I used gradual retreat with our daughter which felt humane & worked.  What can I do that's like gradual retreat to stop breast feeding at night and co sleeping.  Thank you soooo much!!!! Max is now 15 months and has been on ranitidine since he was around 10weeks old for the reflux which doesn't seem to be bothering him now. 

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Re: Need help to stop co sleeping and night breastfeeding 15 month old
« Reply #1 on: November 28, 2016, 20:11:59 pm »
Hi & welcome to BW!

Have you seen these links in FAQ?

Have a read and please come back if you want to chat anything through:
Toddler Specific Sleep Training Advice
Gentle Removal Plan
"Touchy/Spirited" DS

"Textbook" DD

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Re: Need help to stop co sleeping and night breastfeeding 15 month old
« Reply #2 on: December 01, 2016, 08:33:13 am »
Hi! I have some issues as well regarding NWs... But I did successfully stop breastfeeding during the nights some months ago. I explained on the following link how we did it cold turkey, in case this is helpful to you   Eliminated breastfeeding during the nights - Our experience
Several months afterwards I must say that eliminating a prop by relying on another prop was perhaps not so great. I have the same feelings than you and I would never leave my DS CIO. However I have realized that the meaning of PU/PD involves crying (in your presence). The difference between PU /PD and CIO, is that when he cries with you he is crying because of frustration but he never feels abandoned or looses the trust in you as in CIO. Perhaps my lesson learned so far is that in order to truly eliminate all the props you must to accept some frustration from your LO.