Author Topic: My 9 month old is pooping during her naps making them 45 mins  (Read 1009 times)

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My 9 month old is pooping during her naps making them 45 mins
« on: September 10, 2019, 18:17:43 pm »
So the dilemma:
My baby has been having wonderful naps and is such a good sleeper thanks to Tracyís tips and tricks. However the last month or so has been a bit difficult to figure out. Iíve reread and reread but canít get this fixed! So at least once a day sometimes up to 3, she will wake early due to pooping! Usually in her morning nap but itís not uncommon for it to happen in the morning wake up and afternoon nap. Iíve tried extending her morning wake time, feeding her at different times, feeding her more and less diuretic foods in the am. Iím at a loss. And to make matters worse (but not unexpected) she is on a 45 min nap cycle even if she doesnít poop. So every nap I try to wake to sleep just in case she doesnít poop to try to extend the nap. That only works maybe 50% of the non poop naps tho. Has anyone had any experience with this situation and what did you do to help? Iíve read from babywise to give independent play time to give her an option to poop by herself while awake. No luck with that but i havenít been trying it long enough to give a conclusive response to that one yet. Any tips or tricks to help my once-amazing napper become an amazing napper again?