Author Topic: 20-month still drinks lots of milk before bedtime!  (Read 10100 times)

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20-month still drinks lots of milk before bedtime!
« on: May 20, 2020, 01:26:45 am »
Dear Ladies,

I need your help, please.

We started weaning my girl off the bottle in favor of a sippy cup at 12 months. She didn't like many sippy cups and started waking up at night if only fed from the sippy cup. Now we give her milk in the sippy cup during the day and then we still give her the bottle before bedtime so she sleeps through the night. Now she's totally addicted to the bottle before bedtime. She can drink up to 16 ounces! How do we make the switch to a sippy cup? If we give her the sippy cup, she only drinks a little milk and wakes up constantly throughout the night. Her bedtime is 8pm and usual wakeup time is 6:30am or so (nap from 12 to 2pm). Would love for her wakeup to be 7am, but haven't been able to get that last 30 minutes. How do we make a successful final switch from the bottle to the sippy cup and make it through the night (ideally until 7am)? Thanks for all your help!
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