Author Topic: SO DISCOURAGED with night wakings/how long do growth spurts  (Read 703 times)

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SO DISCOURAGED with night wakings/how long do growth spurts
« on: December 01, 2005, 16:49:52 pm »
Well, usually our problem has been naps, but the past week has brought night wakings too.  I think the first three nights were related to a growth spurt--he'd wake up super hungry and go right back to sleep, but then he'd wake up 2 hours later, then one hour later, not hungry but needing to be breastfed to settle down.

AFter 3 nights of this, we had two good nights--sleeping through till 6 after a 10pm dreamfeed.

But then the wakings came back.  For the last three nights he's been waking up again--3x last night! 

He's often waking up unswaddled, so that could be the culprit.  I've tried doing it tighter, but to no avail.  He's too strong, but he still wants it.  What to do?  (BTW, I tried the Aussie swaddle this morning but it didn't seem tight enough around the arms so I went back to the old technique.)

Also, when he awoke at 2:50 last night, he seemed kind of hungry--still a growth spurt?  Do they disappear and come back like that?  How long to growth spurts last?

My first son was a terrible napper but had great nights, so I don't know how to deal with this.  It's so discouraging, and my husband is getting to the let-him-cry-I-need-sleep point.  Help!
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SO DISCOURAGED with night wakings/how long do growth spurts
« Reply #1 on: December 06, 2005, 00:56:19 am »
How old is your lo?
My ds#2 seemed to have a growth spurt that came & went with both 3 & 6 months (still on the 6mo one) There are also the developmental leaps that "mess up sleep too & when they get more distracted (by toddler siblings grrr) their day feeds can drop too & that leads to night hunger.

If he is waking up unswaddled, it is a good time to start weaning him off it...I found I would do it a bit looser & "help" ds#2 off to sleep for a about a day or so & then move to the next step... he now sleeps with no swaddle & as it is so hot here at the moment he actually has no bed covers either.

What I have found is things keep changing & so it can often be 1 step backwards before you make 2 steps forward. I would try to see if you can settle him without feeding & if that doesn't work after say 15 mins then feed.
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