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Desperate Mommy- please help
« on: March 24, 2006, 02:08:13 am »
Hi all

 I am sure you have heard this sob story a million times, but I dont know who else to turn to and I am losin gmy mind.

 My dd is 7 mos old next week. She is bf and I have been nursing her to ALMOST sleep since birth( i know BAD mommy). I never let her go into a deep sleep.. but pretty close. My mom can get her to sleep by rocking or singing, but no one else can. She has NEVER been a napper- will only go down for approx 30 mins.

 She is on solids, three times a day, and still nurses 2-3 hrs aroudn the clock. My routine is loose, but goes as follows:

  7 am= wake up, nurse and play
   8 30 - solids
  9- 9 30 nap
   9 30 - nurse then play
  1130- nap
  12ish- solids then play
  3 30ish nurse then nap till 4 ish
  4-6 play
   6 nurse
  6 30 solids
   7- bath
   7 30  nurse and bed

 She just got two teeth last week, and learned to crawl. She had a bowel obstruction three weeks ago and was in hospital fro a week.

from birth to 4 mos she slept for a 7 hr stretch and then woke to eat, slept for three more. At foru months, she gave me one 6 hr stretch and then woke to eat after that.

while in hospital, she would not sleep in her crib, so slept with Dh or I in bed.

 Problem now is: came home from hospital and first night she slept through ( yeah). However, next night I got the stomach flu and all hell broke loose. She will now only sleep for 30 mins at a time- all ngiht long. She insists on nursing at all times to get back to sleep.

 I am exhausted- it has been three weeks where I have not got more then an hour of sleep in a row. I want to cry myself:) I am at my wits end.

 I tried Patley;s gental removal plan- I had to take her off 42 time... and finally Igave up out of exhaustion.I have tried rocking, singing, bouncng ect- but she seems to be soo aggitated by all these things. She will not and has never taken a soother, and I have tried to introduce a lovely, but unfortunatly the only lovey she likes is my breasts.

  I know she has gotten into some bad habits. I tried CIO sort of tonight... sittin gby her crib and talking to her while she cried like a maniac fpr an hour- i gave up and she nursed right back to sleep.

 PLease help me- i will do anything to get through this... I dont know what to do with her, but I honestly cant go on with this little sleep. I dont  even need her to sleep through the night- but it would be nice if she slept for three hrs at least.

  thanks in advance


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Re: Desperate Mommy- please help
« Reply #1 on: March 24, 2006, 05:09:24 am »
i think at 7 months three naps a day is too much sleep for a lo. if she is overtired or getting to much daytime sleep it will definately cause night wakings.  i would definately start by getting her on 4 hr easy...if that means it is aeasy for now b/c she isn't sleeping so well then so be it - but your lo needs some consistancy that way and needs to teach her belly to be able to sustain food for longer periods and if she waits longer to eat she will take more in at a feeding.  slowly extend E times by 15 min til you have about 4 hrs between feedings.  then worry about the napping issue.  you may want to try to give your lo some water before a nap if you think it may be b/c of hunger she is waking early.  you said that she has never been a good napper and even if you get her on 4 hr easy u may have to do some sleep training - try to settle in the crib, if crying and can't comfort that way resort to pu/pd to lengthen naps.  i would definately work on not nursing to sleep - and if she doesn fall asleep wake her and talk to her for 5 min or so before you put her to bed for the night...rocking and singing to sleep is also not a good thing as it may confuse her when it's not always happening before bed kwim? CIO won't solve any of your problems only make them worse - once you lose your lo's trust you will have to gain it back before any of the actual sleep issues can be dealt with.
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